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Pokémon Go Sustainability Week 2022 Collection Challenge and field research tasks

Sustainability Week 2022 has arrived in Pokémon Go!

Not only are there event-exclusive field research tasks for you to find, but there’s a Sustainability Week Collection Challenge for you to complete.

Sustainability Week 2022 also celebrates the release of Oranguru – a Gen 7 Pokémon – into Pokémon Go, so make sure you take the time to catch one.

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Sustainability Week Collection Challenge Pokémon list in Pokémon Go

The Sustainability Week Collection Challenge will be available in Pokémon Go until Monday, 25th April. By completing this challenge, you’ll earn a selection of rewards and add progress to your Elite Collectors medal.

It’s important to note that two of the Pokémon listed below can only be found by using a Mossy Lure on a PokéStop during Sustainability Week 2022. Thankfully, there is a free Mossy Lure bundle available in the in-game shop during this event, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing one.


Here are the Pokémon in the Sustainability Week 2022 Collection Challenge, along with how to find them:

  • Cherubi – In the wild, attracted to Mossy Lure and field research task (Catch 5 Grass-type Pokémon)
  • Grimer – In the wild
  • Gloom – Attracted to Mossy Lure
  • Weepinbell – Attracted to Mossy Lure
  • Trubbish – In the wild and field research task (Catch 3 Grimer)
  • Grotle – In the wild and attracted to Mossy Lure

For completing this Collection Challenge, you’ll receive 10,000 XP, 15 Great Balls and a Meganium encounter.

The Sustainability Week event has returned – seeing the release of Oranguru. April 2022 also introduces the Silent Schemes event, which requires learning new Leader counters and Giovanni counters. Elsewhere, we’ve recently seen new Ditto disguises as part of the Season of Alola, and more Gen 7 Pokémon. Earlier in the year, off the back of the Go Tour Johto event is Masterwork Research Apex to complete.

Sustainability Week 2022 field research tasks in Pokémon Go

You can collect event exclusive field research tasks for Sustainability Week 2022 by spinning PokéStops in Pokémon Go.

While these field research tasks can be saved and completed after the event ends, we recommend completing them during the event, because some of the Pokémon encounters you’re rewarded with will help you complete the Sustainability Week 2022 Collection Challenge.

Here are the Sustainability Week 2022 field research tasks:

  • Catch 3 Grimer reward – Trubbish encounter
  • Catch 3 Trubbish reward – 1 Silver Pinap
  • Catch 5 Grass-type Pokémon reward – Turtwig, Snivy or Chespin encounter
  • Walk 1km reward – Cherubi encounter
  • Walk 3km reward – Phantump encounter
  • Power up Pokémon 5 times reward – 50 Mega Venusaur Energy or 50 Abomasnow Energy

Thank you to SilphScience from reddit for the help with this information!

These starter Pokémon can be found by completing event-exclusive field research tasks.

Everything you need to know about Sustainability Week 2022 in Pokémon Go

Sustainability Week 2022 is running until 8pm (local time) on Monday, 25th April in Pokémon Go.

The main attraction of this event is the release of Oranguru – a normal and psychic-type Pokémon from Gen 7. Keep an eye out for this Pokémon, so you can add another entry to your Alola Pokédex.

This event also sees the release of shiny Cherubi and, if you find one, you’ll be able to evolve it into a shiny Cherrim. Good luck shiny hunting!

There will also be a timed research quest running from 10am to 8pm (local time) on Saturday, 23rd April, which will reward you with a Cherubi encounter. This timed research quest coincides with the Stufful Community Day, which celebrates the release of Stufful into Pokémon Go.

Throughout Sustainability Week 2022 a number of Pokémon will be spawning more frequently in the wild:

  • Venusaur
  • Oddish
  • Grimer
  • Turtwig
  • Grotle
  • Cherubi
  • Trubbish
  • Ferroseed
  • Phantump
  • Oranguru

A selection of Pokémon will also be attracted any Mossy Lure placed during Sustainability Week:

  • Gloom
  • Alolan Diglett
  • Weepinbell
  • Chikorita
  • Bellossom
  • Nincada
  • Grotle
  • Cherubi
  • Sewaddle

Chikorita, Bellossom and Grotle are all attracted to Mossy Lure’s during this event.

Finally, any 7km egg you collect during Sustainability Week 2022 will have the following egg pool:

Tier One

Hope you enjoy Sustainability Week 2022!

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