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Prince of Persia heads to For Honor in seasonal event

Here’s something pretty much no-one was expecting: Prince of Persia is back, but as part of a cross-brand event in For Honor.

Between today and 2nd April, players will be able to engage in a range of quests and game modes that are all Prince of Persia-themed as part of the For Honor: Blades of Persia event. Based on the Prince of Persia series as a whole, the event is split into two chapters, with the second chapter starting on 19th March, at which point the Prince will “embrace his evil roots”.

The event adds a bunch of new rewards, including a Blade of Fate execution animation, Ratash and Sandwraith outfits, menu themes and an hourglass ornament, some of which can be earned through a free event pass. You can also grab emblems by helping out with community orders, and players can take on a new arcade quest called The Lost Prince.

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