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PS Plus will reportedly have PS1 CRT filter and other visual options

Sony’s revamped PS Plus subscription service launches in Asia this week and new details are already emerging.

It’s been revealed that various visual options for PS1 games will be available, including multiple resolutions (native, 4:3 for 16:9, and stretched) as well as three filters: default, retro classic, and modern.

Retro classic is essentially a CRT filter, meaning it’s replicating the visuals of old TVs for that vintage feel.

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Resetera user brokenswiftie shared images of the three filters, taken from Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – a game that, incidentally, was not on Sony’s original list but has been included in the subscription. Zoom in on the images below to see the filter.


Retro Classic


It seems that Sony is going the extra mile with its classic games on the service.

It previously stated that some “select” PS1 and PSP games will include save anywhere and rewind abilities.

It’s also added trophies to PS1 game Syphon Filter, suggesting some games will have trophies while others will not.

The subscription service launches in Asia this week and Japan next week, followed by North and South America (13th June) and Europe, Australia, and New Zealand (23rd June). Check out the full list of games here.

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