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PUBG Mobile’s Frost Festival game mode has arrived, covering Erangel in snow and inviting players to explore Frost Castles

As we mentioned a few days ago, PUBG Mobile’s Frost Festival game mode has now arrived in the game. It’ll see players battling against one another in frosty castles and icy areas with additional items to keep everything interesting.

Players will be able to queue up for the event today which is effectively an icy version of the classic map Erangel. The battlefield will be littered with explorable wintry locales, snow-covered monuments and Christmassy decorations to help everyone involved get into the holiday spirit.

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When taking part in the Frost Festival mode there will be three frost castles that will randomly spawn throughout the match. Players will want to keep an eye out for them as they’ll promise a bevvy of useful supplies to loot. There will also be icy zones throughout the map that mix up the combat.

Through the frosty version of Erangel players will be able to collect snowmen and snow chickens. Both of which can be used as statues to provide cover from enemy fire. To find this game mode, players will simply have to navigate to the Erangel event mode option from the main menu.

Elsewhere there are a few other festive features to enjoy. For instance, at the start of each event match players will be given a snowboard that can be activated with the backpack button to quickly travel and jump over obstacles.

Erangel has also been beautifully decorated for the holidays with cosy fireplaces and Christmas trees to be found everywhere. The flare gun has also been given a Christmas makeover too. Finally, more special events are set to arrive throughout the rest of the month.

PUBG Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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