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PUBG will finally let PS4 and Xbox One players party up together

Console wars are so last decade: everyone knows it’s all about cross-play nowadays, and PUBG’s latest console update is bringing everyone together by letting PS4 and Xbox One players party up. As for PC players – looks like you’re still on your own, sorry.

After introducing limited cross-console play back in October, PUBG’s 6.2 update finishes the job by allowing PS4 and Xbox One players to squad up in a single party. Until this point console users could play in the same matches, but not join a squad together – which is ultimately the feature everyone actually wants cross-play for.

Those wanting to bridge the console gap need only search for their buddy’s Xbox Live Gamer Tag or PSN Name in PUBG’s friends list. The update is already live on public test servers, so you can jump in with your friends right away.

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