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PUBG’s new map was designed to keep players on edge

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has come a long way. From Steam early access phenomenon to popularising the battle royale genre, PUBG has enjoyed millions of players across multiple platforms.

On PC, though, PUBG’s peak appears behind it. It has an astonishing all-time peak of 3.2m concurrent players on Steam, but that was achieved two years ago, in January 2018. Nowadays, PUBG peaks in the 600,000s.

This is not to say PUBG is done and dusted. It remains a massive game on Steam, the third-most popular game on Valve’s platform, in fact, behind only Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And the developers of PUBG continue to update the game in a bid to keep its playerbase interested and active. Recently, we heard about the experimental Bluehole mode, a way of playing the game that forces “circle squatters” to keep moving. The latest development is a brand new map called Karakin that has something that sounds very much like Bluehole Mode, but with a twist. It’s called the Black Zone, and it levels buildings. The idea is it keeps players on edge, discourages camping and gets everyone moving – all across one of the game’s smallest maps.

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