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Rainbow Six Siege’s limited-time Road to Six Invitational event unlocks every Operator

Rainbow Six Siege’s big esports shindig, the Six Invitational, is due to take place next month. And in the run-down up to its 14th February start date, Ubisoft is holding a special, limited-time Road to Six Invitational in-game event, unlocking all 52 Operators for play.

The Road to Six Invitational event, which is already underway, runs for five weekends (spanning Thursday to Sunday) and sets players loose across a brand-new map called the Stadium.

Themed around a repurposed 70s sports arena, originally created to host a series of commonwealth games, the map is intended to be a high-tech training area of sorts, where participants engage in simulated, non-lethal combat. It features bulletproof glass to “create new situations where you can see your opponents without being able to engage”.

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