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Ravenholm just got a whole lot scarier thanks to this new Half-Life 2 VR mod

“We don’t go to Ravenholm”, oh how I wish I’d listened to those wise words now…

That’s right, thanks to an upcoming flat screen to VR mod for Half-Life 2, you can watch me turn into a quivering mess as I bumble my way through the terrifying town of Ravenholm in this week’s episode of VR Corner!

Developed by The Source VR Mod Team, Half-Life 2: VR is a third-party mod that, when finished, will be released free of charge on Steam to owners of Half-Life 2. It’s currently in the playtesting phase, so there are a few bugs to be ironed out but, as you’ll soon see, this doesn’t stop the VR version of Valve’s classic from being an incredibly immersive experience.

This isn’t the first time Half-Life 2 has been brought into VR of course. Thanks to a workaround in Garry’s Mod, Gordon Freeman’s second adventure has been playable in VR for a couple of years ago now. It’s a fiddly process to get set up though and of course, you’d also need to splash the cash for Garry’s Mod if you don’t already own it.

Thankfully the installation process for Half-Life 2: VR is as simple as downloading a program from Steam. Then, as long as you own Half-Life 2, as soon as you load it, you’ll be able to go face first into City 17. Or even Ravenholm… if you’re brave enough…

If you’d like to try out Half-Life 2: VR for yourself, you can find out more about this mod and when it will be released to the public on The Source VR Mod Team’s website, or over on the Flatscreen to VR Mod Discord.

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