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Resident Evil Re:Verse resurfaces

Remember Resident Evil Re:Verse? Capcom’s multiplayer spin-off from Resident Evil Village has resurfaced via a new European PEGI ratings board listing.

Officially, we’ve heard nothing about Re:Verse now for nearly a year, since its second delay last July. Once intended to arrive alondside Village in May 2021, it now holds a vague “2022” release date.

However, a new PEGI rating for a Stadia version of the game popped up over the weekend, suggesting Capcom was back prepping the game for launch (thanks, Gematsu).

Re:verse is a six-player deathmatch competitive multiplayer mode featuring various characters from Resident Evil’s series history, such as Chris, Jill, Leon, Ada and Hunk, drenched in a comic book-like effect.

Last April, fan response to Re:Verse’s beta was mixed to say the least, and Capcom subsequently said it would delay the project “to deliver a smooth gameplay experience”.

Here’s hoping we see those changes whenever Capcom does re-announce Re:Verse for release. Perhaps we’ll also hear more about Village’s single-player campaign DLC soon too?

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