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Respawn is looking to improve Apex Legends’ Lifeline with a “sidegrade”

Since the recent balance changes ushered in with season 5, Apex Legends developer Respawn is “working on” how its support character, Lifeline, can be improved without “straight-up add[ing] power to her”.

“Lots of talk about Lifeline and buffs, so let me speak to that a bit: Lifeline is in a complicated spot,” tweeted Apex’s lead game designer, Carlos Pineda. “Despite the claims that she ‘is in dire need of a buff’, the data says she remains top tier across different categories, e.g. pick rate, win rate, KDR. So in that sense, she does not need a buff at all.

“But I get it – everyone wants her to be unique and I agree she’s lost some of her shine due to the other legend buffs,” they added. “But we can’t straight up add power to her – that would drive her even higher in those metrics.

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