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Respawn to investigate top Apex Legends players caught teaming

After hours of grinding, sliding and perfecting your hip-firing, you’ve finally made it to the upper echelons of Apex Legends’ ranked mode… only to have six guns facing you instead of three.

That’s what happened to several players this week, as clips emerged on the r/apexlegends subreddit showing some shady behaviour from some of the game’s best players. In the videos, top players such as Xynoa and Skittles (currently ranked 1st and 2nd on the Apex leaderboards) were seen allegedly teaming with enemy squads in order to ensure a strong finish in the ranked mode.

Although the name is somewhat self-explanatory, teaming is the act of joining forces with another squad to give yourself an artificial advantage in a battle royale. For the victims, it’s like being constantly third-partied. Considering only the top 500 players can attain Apex’s predator rank, it’s been particularly grating for Apex fans to watch teaming from the game’s supposed best players.

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