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Retro Basketball Coach 2021 is a casual sports management sim that’s available now for iOS and Android

Retro Basketball Coach 2021 is the latest game from Swipe Studios Interactive, who you may be familiar with from their previous games which include Swipe Manager: Soccer and My Baseball League. Their newest sports title is available now for iOS and Android.

Much like their other games, Retro Basketball Coach 2021 will be a more laid back and casual approach compared to the usual management sims. That means if you like the idea of managing a basketball squad but don’t want to trawl through several spreadsheets, this game might be worth checking out.

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You’ll still be able to trade players, manage your roster and take control of your favourite city but it won’t be as complex as other simulation titles. Instead, there will be a series of simple menus where you’ll select five players, keeping an eye on their energy levels to ensure they’re up for the task.

Each game will only take a few minutes to complete and if you’re lacking in quality players you’ll be able to trade your way to a better roster. The players in Retro Basketball Coach 2021 all feature parodied versions of NBA stars you’ll likely be familiar with. This will include the likes of Stephen Curried, LeBron Tranes and Thanasis Antennapo.

It sports a retro-styled aesthetic – which you can check out in the embedded trailer above – with over 450 players to choose from. Beyond that, there will be a choice of thirty different teams to use as you make a bid to become the best basketball team around.

Retro Basketball Coach 2021 is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a premium game that costs $1.99.

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