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Robocop is now available in Fortnite

Heads up, dads – ’80s action hero icon Robocop has arrived in Fortnite.

Robocop is available to buy for 1500 V-Bucks, with accessories including a LEG-209 pickaxe (the leg of rival ED-209), as well as a little ED-209 to ride around on as a traversal remote (500 V-Bucks apiece).

The appearance of Robocop is the first retro-era icon in a while, though Fortnite has in the past welcomed characters from Terminator, Alien, Tron, Ghostbusters and Predator. Here’s how Robocop looks, dusted off and back in action:

Fortnite fans have noted this collaboration appears to be the first with Robocop film producer MGM, and already begun speculating on what else might come next.

MGM is synonymous with the James Bond franchise, though the studio’s list of highest-grossing films also includes the Rocky series, GI Joe: Retaliation, The Addams Family and… Legally Blonde.

Back to the present, Fortnite’s next collaboration is a little more current – it’s a skin for UK streamer Ali-A.

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