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Ruby Weapon looks just as boss in Final Fantasy 14 as it did in Final Fantasy 7

Square Enix has shown off the Ruby Weapon boss fight in Final Fantasy 14 – and appropriately enough it looks rock hard.

Ruby Weapon was one of two “superbosses” that appeared in Final Fantasy 7, an incredibly powerful endgame monster created by the planet to defend itself when under threat.

Ruby Weapon lived in the sand around the Gold Saucer, and you could only reach it via Highwind or chobobo. I remember it being a bastard to fight as it could simply eject one of your party members just for fun. It had loads of health and its attacks did loads of damage, too. Oh, and those tentacles! I had to kill it, though (thank you, Knights of the Round!). Final Fantasy 7 wouldn’t 100 per cent complete itself, would it?

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