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SanDisk Micro SD cards drop to their lowest prices since February

Good news, everyone! After several weeks of high prices and poor availability, some of the best micro SD cards and external hard drives are back in stock and on sale.

The best deal we’ve spotted today is for the SanDisk Ultra 200GB, which has been reduced from £27 to £22 as part of Amazon’s daily deals. That’s the best price we’ve seen on this card since February (which was three months ago, even if it feels like a lifetime away!). The Ultra 200GB is a great choice for the Nintendo Switch, but it also works great for smartphones, action and dash cams and many more devices.

The SanDisk Ultra 400GB has also been heavily reduced, from £63 to £51, marking the best price we’ve seen on this card since early March. This is a great price for a Micro SD card of this size, and offers better value than the best 512GB Micro SD card deal we’ve found (£70).

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