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Save 22% off Death Stranding on PC from Green Man Gaming

Hideo Kojima’s baffling and divisive opus Death Stranding is finally arriving on PC next week on July 14th, and you can save 22% off when you pre-purchase at Green Man Gaming.

Sure, the PS4 version is cheaper now but it’s not often you can make a decent saving off a new big-budget game on PC. Whether we might get a similar deal for the PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn remains to be seen, considering it actually got a surprise price hike shortly its August 7th release date was announced. We should also note that the game is releasing on Steam and the Epic Game Store but this deal is specifically for the Steam version.

Depending on your set-up, PC owners can expect a range of enhancements from this port, including supporting ultra wide monitors, the ability to run the game at 4K/60fps, as well as a Photo Mode for those who want to pore over Norman Reedus at every angle and detail. Even more interesting are new cosmetics and missions based on Half-Life.

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