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Sci-fi thriller Observation and The Messenger lead latest Xbox Game Pass additions

Microsoft has unveiled its latest Xbox One and PC Game Pass additions, and while there’s not much in the way of blockbuster offerings to be seen, there are some enormously enjoyable indie treats, including The Messenger and sci-fi narrative adventure Observation.

First on the list, and for Xbox One only, is Night Call, which arrives today, 24th June. It’s an unusual noir-inspired narrative adventure which unfolds entirely within the confines of a taxi. You’re the driver, tasked – alongside making your regular living by driving around Paris – with catching a killer, putting the pieces together through conversations with passengers. Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan loved Night Call when he reviewed it last year.

Next up, and coming to console and PC on 25th June, is Observation. It’s a sci-fi thriller – very much in the wandering and probing template – from Stories Untold developer No Code, that follows the story of scientist Dr. Emma Fisher, who finds herself on a crewless spaceship far from Earth with no company aside from the ship’s AI. In an unusual turn, it’s the latter that players control, fiddling around with the station’s cameras and control systems to progress the mystery. This one got the Eurogamer thumbs-up too.

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