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Sea of Thieves enters the trap-laden Heart of Fire in next week’s big update

In just a couple of weeks, Sea of Thieves will have reached the grand old age of two; so it seems appropriate that Rare’s multiplayer pirate adventure will be celebrating in style, with the arrival of its feature-packed new Heart of Fire update next Wednesday, 11th March.

We already had a tiny taste of things to come in Sea of Thieves’ imminent Heart of Fire update when Rare introduced the world to the new ship-smashing Chain Shot. It turns out that’s not the only PvP-focussed item on the way, however, and next week will also drop the powerful Blunderbomb into players’ eager, outstretched palms.

This throwable explosive is primarily designed to cause knock-back, meaning it’s especially useful in foiling the opposition’s plans. Attacking players can, for instance, sneakily peer up a ship’s boarding ladder and toss the item to push back anyone guarding the top. Conversely, it can be used to knock boarding players off ladders or clean over the side of a boat, and it looks like they can be used to detach players from the likes of the capstan, wheel, and rigging too.

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