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Sea of Thieves is currently running a slightly mind-boggling array of limited-time events

Sea of Thieves has finally cast off the shackles of Windows Store exclusivity on PC and is now available on Steam – and to usher in this new era of piracy on the seas, Rare is currently running a slightly unwieldy array of special events and limited-time challenges.

Event number one actually kicked off yesterday, and promises a new cosmetic treat – including emotes, ship parts, and items – every day for the next two weeks. All you need do each day is watch a partnered Sea of Thieves Twitch streamer complete a Daily Bounty or simply view their stream for 30 minutes, and you’ll get a new reward.

Yesterday gave away the Mutinous Fist Wheel ship cosmetic, and the Mystical Divination Emote is still up for grabs today – and you can see what’s new each morning over on Sea of Thieves’ Twitch Drops page. The event, incidentally, comes to a close at 10am in the UK on 17th June.

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