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Sea of Thieves’ latest update adds a cursed chest so angry it’ll set your boat on fire

It’s middle-month, and so time for another Sea of Thieves updates, with February’s offering arriving in the form of Chests of Rage – which, as you’ll already know if you read the headline, includes a cursed chest so positively apoplectic, it can set your ship on fire.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Chest of Rage is the first new cursed chest to be added to Sea of Thieves’ since the piratical multiplayer adventure launched just shy of two years ago. It’s a doozy though, burning hotter and hotter once hauled onboard a ship until it’s mad enough to release a fiery shockwave, setting both ship and crew alight.

Attentive pirates can keep it cool by slopping it with water, but, intriguingly, the shockwave can be equally damaging to non-crew players, other ships, and skeletons. As such, it has strategic potential as a weapon in the right hands – particularly as it’s possible to trigger the chest’s shockwave faster, and sort-of on-demand, by attacking it.

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