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Sega, SNK and many others are putting together their own E3-esque conference next month

Some 14 publishers from Japan and North America have got together to host their own E3-esque conference next month, with New Game+ Expo (NGPX) promising announcements, showcases and demos from the likes of Sega and SNK on June 23rd.

It’s a fairly lengthy showcase that kicks off at 5pm BST and runs through to midnight, with all that time allowing the lengthy list of publishers to all get their moment in the sun. The full list of those involved is as follows:

NGPX joins a fast-growing list of shows that have arisen in the absence of E3 this year, with companies adapting to the ongoing global situation. You can find the full current rundown of all the upcoming events in our detailed E3 2020 schedule guide.

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