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Shenmue 3’s third and final piece of paid DLC, The Big Merry Cruise, is out next week

Shenmue 3 might have dragged its heels getting here, but you can barely hold back its paid DLC. We’ve had one fresh dollop a month in 2020, and that pattern continues next Tuesday, 17th March, when the game’s third – and final – DLC instalment arrives on PS4 and PC.

The Big Merry Cruise, as it’s known, follows on from January’s running-themed Battle Rally DLC and February’s narrative-based Story Quest Pack, and sees a cruise ship sailing into Niaowu’s harbour for mild action, mini-games, and, if Ryo’s lucky, sailors.

Those that hop aboard Shenmue’s new vessel can engage in “various types of entertainment”, according to the rather non-committal press release (although, judging by the accompanying photos, these will have a distinct casino flavour), as well DLC-exclusive challenge missions. It’s also possible to earn new outfits fro Ryo’s wardrobe by clearing certain ship mini-quests.

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