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Silent Hill HD Collection and Homecoming are now backward-compatible on Xbox One

Konami’s classic horror series Silent Hill is now backward-compatible on Xbox One, Microsoft has announced – in the form of the Silent Hill HD Collection, and Silent Hill’s largely unloved fifth outing, Homecoming.

Silent Hill HD Collection initially released on Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2012, and features two games: Silent Hill 2, a bona fide candidate for best video game ever made (according to me), and its immediate follow-up Silent Hill 3 – which, slightly confusingly, is more closely connected to the first Silent Hill game on PS1, unhelpfully not included in the package.

Silent Hill 2, if you haven’t yet been introduced, follows the plight of James Sunderland after he returns to the town of the title, having received a letter from his dead wife. It’s fair to say that, some 17 years after its original PS2 release, Silent Hill 2 shows its age in places – but its startling imagery and audio work, bravado narrative, and surreal, suffocating ambience still make for some of the most affecting gaming moments ever committed to code.

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