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Skate City: A few tips for Pro Skate mode

Try to Avoid Getting Cute

Skate City tips

In Skate City, you can really string together some sick combos. From flip tricks to grinds, you really have some flexibility to shred the streets. With that being said, Pro Skate is not like Endless Skate where you can crash at your own leisure and just for fun (poor skater guy/girl).

Here, it’s all about getting as sweet a score as you can, without wiping out. There’s no time limit to worry about, it’s just a matter of staying upwards. But, as you get cosy with the game, it’s easy to start going nuts with tricks, and this is awesome.

However, you might need to play a bit more conservatively if you don’t want to crash too soon. Of course, you start over again, but if you had a great score going, you don’t want to ruin that and start from the beginning again, am I right? You can still be aggressive at times, but just bear in mind that, one slip up, and it’s game over.

Awareness is Also Key

The one thing about Skate City’s side-scrolling camera angle is that you can’t always see what’s coming up ahead. The game does a great job of throwing obstacles on you at the right times as well as stairs and ramps for you. So, in Pro Skate, it’s critical to have some good awareness.

This can really give you an edge and lead to some good scores. The longer you stay upright and nail tricks, the better the score. Be wary of tables and platforms among the other things we mentioned. If you don’t catch that, you’ll accidentally bump into it, which will make you crash.

And there’s nothing more awkward than going on an epic trick spree, only for your run to come to an end at the hands of a picnic table. And while you (sadly) can’t go back to said picnic table and karate chop it in anger, you can restart your run, and rewire that awareness.

Look Out for Hittable Items

So, this is something that’s not going to dramatically affect your score. However, it can give you a slight boost, plus it’s just fun to do. Sometimes, on certain ledges and whatnot, you’ll see items that you can knock over like a bunch of cups for example.

Doing this gives you an extra reason to hit those grinds. Again, it does give you a small boost and it just looks cool. It’s like bowling and you knock down all of the pins for a strike. It’s satisfying, right? Well, so is this in Skate City’s Pro Skate mode.

There are some other little obstacles and ramps that are added too. This will give you a fresh new look during your runs. If you haven’t played the game in a while, then this will come as a nice bonus for you. So go ahead, grab your board, and get to shredding.

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