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Skylanders: Ring of Heroes’ latest update revises the combat and roles of Portal Masters

Com2uS has released a completely revised version Skylanders: Ring of Heroes which is available now for iOS and Android. The move comes as part of an ongoing effort to recover and improve the Skylanders brand to the heights it achieved when it first appeared on the scene.

The game previously made use of a hybrid combat system that was a blend of both real-time and turn-based action. Now the game is entirely turn-based and works using a mana-based system, with the option to use all of it before the end of a move or not.

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Meanwhile, Portal Masters who had a more secondary role in the previous version of the game will now have additional skills in this new update. The developers hope this will make team-building and combat more enjoyable as there will be more options available.

They also say that summoning and equipping Skylanders is easier than ever before in the latest update too. We reviewed the original version of the game when it launched back in 2019 and found it to be a pretty good time, so it’s interesting to see Com2uS deciding that the game needed an overhaul after a single year of the game being available.

If you’re unfamiliar with Skylanders: Ring of Heroes it’s an RPG where you’ll collect the various colourful characters from the series and form a team with them. Each Skylander offers its own unique traits and can be upgraded in several ways to make it more useful in the turn-based battles.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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