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Skyrim’s going full Dracula in the next Elder Scrolls Online Chapter

The next Chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online has been fully unveiled – and it sounds pretty high-stakes, as players will explore Western Skyrim as it suffers under the rule of a vampire lord.

Initially teased during the Game Awards in December, yesterday ZeniMax released a cinematic trailer for the game’s 2020 Chapter, Greymoor, which is part of a year-long “interconnected adventure” of four updates. Greymoor is set to launch on PC and Mac on 18th May, then Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 2nd June, and will open up vast swathes of Western Skyrim and a cavern called Blackreach. That sounds welcoming.

So, what the hell’s going on here? Greymoor is set 900 years before The Elder Scrolls 5, and the western regions look a little different. Thanks to the aforementioned vampire lord, the land has been transformed into a dark and sinister place filled with vampires, witches and werewolves. In other words, the young adult section of a bookstore.

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