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Sneaky Sasquatch: Three things you may have missed at the beach

Taco Stand

It might take a bit of running around to find it, but there is a taco stand that is near an information center. For 50 coins, you can get yourself a tasty taco to stuff in your backpack of other random foods. The taco operates as a “super food” and replenishes all of your health. Not bad, huh?

The price of 50 coins might seem like a bit, but it will make the food perfect for those emergency hunger situations. Many times, you’ll go to sleep, only to wake up and your pie chart (health meter) is down to only one slice. That’s where things like the taco come in to play.

So, while you’re in paradise, go grab yourself a taco. And no, it doesn’t have to be a Tuesday to grab your delicious little consumable.

RV Guy

Not too far off from the taco stand is the RV guy. You should actually spot him before you even reach the taco stand. This dude can be immensely helpful, as he lets you sleep on his couch in the RV for 20 coins. Why is this important you ask? Because as we know, beds, sleeping operates as Sneaky Sasquatch’s saving system.

Getting to the island takes a short while to get to. If you start from your house in the forest, then you’ll need to drive all the way to the town, then go south, then pay for your boat ride and then sail off to the island which takes a good minute or so.

And remember, when nightfall hits, our furry friend will start getting very sleepy so RV guy saves the day (and night). That way, you don’t need to worry about starting all the way back at your cabin house. Sure, you need to spend 20 coins, but you should be able to accomplish quite a bit on the island if you stay for just a couple of days.

The Map

Remember the information building we mentioned? Well, go ahead and get inside the building that’s right by the taco stand. You’ll be gifted a map that will tell show you where everything at the island is. This is just like the map you can purchase in the raccoon’s shop that helps you get around the park.

Sure, you can’t use waypoints or anything, but it can help you get an idea of where you need to go. After a while, I’m sure things will become second nature to you, but having the map on you can give you a little extra bit of direction just in case.

The island is pretty big after all and can be a bit overwhelming at first so this map comes in handy. So, while you munch on that taco, go ahead and snatch up a map of your sun-soaked adventures.

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