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Someone’s designed a nifty Untitled Goose Game Lego set

The angry avian star of developer House House’s acclaimed Untitled Goose Game, in which nature fights back against humanity in the form of a perpetually disgruntled goose, has already inspired countless fan art delights – but now, thanks to one plucky creator, it’s gone full Lego, and you can vote for a chance to get it made into a real set.

Created by someone calling themselves A Fellow Player, the unofficial Untitled Goose Game Lego build (thanks GamesRadar) – themed around goose’s memorable early encounter with gardener – took the spotlight yesterday when it was selected as a Staff Pick over on the Lego Ideas website. Lego Ideas, if you’re unfamiliar, is an official Lego initiative that enables fans to promote their build projects in a bid to get a proper release.

“The worldwide phenomenon of 2019 comes to LEGO!,” reads the Untitled Goose Game submission’s description, “Enjoy life as a destructive goose in a small garden. Watch out for the gardener and his many tools! Props Included: Jam, Apple, Sprinkler, Goose Sign, Rose Bush, Carrot, Loose Foliage, Spoon, Shovel, Sun Hat, Hammer, Ice Chest, and a Key.”

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