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Sonic Frontiers getting new playable characters and story content in free DLC

Sega has unveiled a new post-launch content roadmap for Sonic Frontiers, promising the likes of new playable characters and story content across three free DLC updates throughout 2023.

There’s no estimated time of arrival for any of Sonic Frontier’s newly announced updates, but the first will introduce a juke box, photo mode, and a selection of new challenge modes. That’ll be followed by a second update celebrating Sonic’s birthday – and adding new Koco and a new open zone challenge – suggesting Sega’s aiming for a June-ish launch for this one.

Finally, there’s the biggie, with Sonic Frontiers’ third free update of 2023 teasing new story content and playable characters. The artwork for Update 3 features Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, but it’s unclear if these are the new playable characters or just a placeholder design flourish.

Digital Foundry tests every version of Sonic Frontiers.

That’s not quite it for the free stuff, however; Sega has also confirmed Sonic will be getting into the festive spirit on 21st December this year, when Sonic Frontiers players on all platforms can slip the hedgehog into the snazzy Holiday Cheer Suit.

Sonic’s upcoming Holiday Cheer Suit in all its festive glory.

Eurogamer was moderately taken with Sonic Frontiers when it released earlier this month. “In the moment of the momentum, there’s still an interesting and fun time to be had, certainly compared to the streak of disappointments that fans have endured in previous decades,” contributor Alan Wen wrote. “Yet for hardcore traditionalists who only want to see their blue hedgehog in two dimensions, this isn’t the 3D outing that’s going to change their minds.”

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