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Sony confirms it has blocked ability to extend active PlayStation Plus subscriptions until Premium launches in June

Sony has confirmed it has removed the ability for existing PlayStation Plus subscribers to extend their subscription – blocking the ability for anyone to stack future membership via pre-paid cards – until the revamped service arrives in late June.

This week, PlayStation Plus subscribers found they were unable to redeem pre-paid voucher cards and extend their subscription time – even if it was about to run out. Bewildered customers were told the situation was “temporary”, but not given further explanation.

Now, Sony has updated its FAQ page for its upcoming PlayStation Plus changes and ackwnowledged the move – and said that, for now, you’ll only be able to redeem pre-paid vouchers you have bought after your current Plus membership expires.

“If you currently have a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now membership, due to changes we are making to the service prior to launch, you won’t be able to redeem a voucher code for that service until your existing membership expires and deactivates,” Sony wrote, “or after the new PlayStation Plus service launches in your area, whichever happens first. Rest assured that your voucher code is still valid.”

Why is this happening? And why are customers who have bought PlayStation Plus or Now cards now simply getting error messages when trying to redeem the membership time they have bought? Sony continues:

“As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus membership service, we are doing some work behind the scenes to make the transition as smooth as possible for all our existing members,” Sony wrote. “As part of this work, we’ve temporarily disabled stacking memberships for existing customers until after the launch.

“Rest assured that your voucher code is still valid, and you will be able to redeem your code either when your existing membership expires and deactivates, or after the new PlayStation Plus service launches in your area, whichever happens first.”

Earlier this week, PlayStation noted that existing Now customers would get bumped to the incoming Premium tier of PlayStation Plus for the duration of any active Plus subscription. In response, many Plus subscribers looked to extend their sub for the service’s current amount – only to find redemption codes were no longer working.

Eurogamer has asked PlayStation for more details.

As a reminder, PS Plus Premium is not due to launch here in Europe until 22nd June (13th June in the US).

So, if you have bought a voucher for additional PlayStation Plus membership time, you’ll have to wait until after 22nd June to actually redeem it – unless your current subscription lapses first.

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