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Sony releases first footage of Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 Pro

Still has more foliage than Arceus. 

As we’ve gotten closer to Horizon Forbidden West’s release, Sony has ramped up its barrage of marketing announcements with videos and blog posts highlighting various aspects of the game.

Perhaps more interestingly, Sony has today released the first footage of Horizon Forbidden West running on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The footage was initially only available as a compressed Twitter video and three GIFs (perhaps Sony wants to avoid any expert analysis from the sharp-eyed team at Digital Foundry?) Thankfully, has now also been made available on YouTube:

Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 Pro.

What do you make of the gameplay – does it hold up compared with the PlayStation 5?

Last week, we also got a new story trailer which Zoe gave a detailed breakdown of here.

Horizon Forbidden West on PS5.

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