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Sorry, but you can’t use unearned attachments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare anymore

Activision has fixed an exploit that permitted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players to use attachments they hadn’t organically unlocked in the game.

In the brief patch notes (thanks, VG24/7), the developer also revealed it had addressed unspecified “exploit fixes on various maps and modes”, made some – again, unspecified – changes to the backend, and fixed a bug that left some players’ CDL filter active even after they’d joined a party without CDL filters.

Following an accidental data dump on the Call of Duty website last weekend, a new leak – this one from an official source via an Activision account on Xbox Live – confirmed Rust will be making an appearance in season two, along with three other multiplayer maps: Atlas Superstore, Bazaar, and Zhokov Boneyard.

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