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Space Frog Intern’s Android version is out now

Many months after its iOS release, Astronaut Curve has released an Android version of Space Frog Intern on the Google Play store.

Space Frog Intern is a mobile side scrolling shooter where you play as a frog who has been rescued from falling out of the sky by alien beings and then put to work clearing the deck of the mothership from pesky invaders.

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The game’s controls are pretty simple, utilising a two-button control scheme and fast paced gameplay to make vanquishing the enemy a lot of messy fun. With wide array of power-ups, there are enough options that you don’t feel too underwhelmed by the chaotic attacks of the enemies.

The Google Play store page describes the game as “easy to pick up but hard to master, SPACE FROG INTERN is JAM-packed full of strategy, technique, and precise controls. Choose your powerups wisely, dodge, stomp and shoot the enemies with skill and seize your best score.”

Space Frog Intern launched last year as an iOS title. As we reported in our Pocket Gamer LaunchPad last November, it received a bunch of updates in December to add some new content to the game, such as two new difficulty levels to add more punishing challenge, more unlockable characters for a bit of extra variance, as well as many smaller improvements to make the overall experience much smoother.

If you want to check out this new version of Space Frog Intern, you can download it from the Google Play for Android store. It’s also available on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad users. It’s a free to play title with an in-app purchase to remove adverts available for £1.99.

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