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Splatoon 2 pitting ketchup against mayo again in special one-off Splatfest next month

It’s been nine months since Splatoon 2 celebrated what was expected to be its final ever Splatfest on Switch; but now, Nintendo is dusting off its ink-flaps and squirting out a one-off last hoorah for the multiplayer shooter’s ever-delightful community wide competitive event, which is scheduled to begin on 23rd May in the UK.

Splatfest’s temporary reawakening follows a similar community event revival for Switch’s superb spring-loaded fighter Arms earlier this month, and will see Nintendo revisit one of its earliest Splatfest themes, again posing the age-old question: ketchup or mayo.

Presumably, we’ll also see a return for this particular Splatfest’s appropriately hued creamy white and red team-colour ink, which was definitely one of Splatoon 2’s more memorable moments, as long as you didn’t think too hard about the smell. Or bodily fluids.

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