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Splitgate beta season two is live

Splitgate’s beta season two is now live on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The new season of the free-to-play portal-hopping shooter brings a number of updates, including three new game modes and a remastered Abyss map.

That’s on top of revamped matchmaking as part of a migration to a new server, which means getting into matches quicker, fewer bots, and more similarly-skilled opponents.

A new progression system now boasts meaningful rewards and multiple tiers up to Pro 10, each with 100 levels.

The addition of three new modes brings the total up to 23. Juggernaut powers up one player in a match at random pitted against all others; Hotzone pushes players to hold a neutral zone to score points; and Lockdown requires players to hold three zones to score a point.

The Abyss map has been rebuilt from the ground up and now includes new portal wall placements. What’s more, players can now build their own levels on the new island Wet Ocean and share them with other players.

Splitgate has proven exceptionally popular since its first beta in summer 2021. It’s now a step closer to a full release.

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