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Square Enix announces Worldslayer, a massive expansion to Outriders

Square Enix has revealed Outriders Worldslayer, a massive expansion to the original Outriders game.

Featuring a brand-new campaign story, Worldslayer contains higher gear level caps, new gear, a new difficulty mode and a gigantic new end-game.

The story campaign is standalone from the original game, with players facing a new Altered enemy, Ereshkigal, who wields an unnamed new power.

For lore fans, the new campaign will delve deeper into the planet Enoch with more backstory, as well as a greater combat variety and new environments.

The expansion will open to new and veteran players alike, with existing players able to start Worldlayer with their character while new players can jump ahead to level 30 with a new character. Those who do boost their level can still access the game’s original content with the intended challenge thanks to enemy level scaling.

Worldslayer also features new weapons, armour and mods. Each character class will also be getting two new 5-piece legendary armour sets and new three-piece legendary armour sets available for all classes. In total, Worldslayer contains almost 100 new legendary items.

Worldslayer also introduces a new way to progress your character – the PAX tree – which is a separate class tree that’s available at level 30.

The PAX tree will further evolve the existing classes in Outriders, granting players sub-class specialisations that broaden the horizons of players’ character class. Each node in the PAX tree is equivalent to the major nodes in the original class trees, so every choice you make in the PAX tree will be impactful on the performance of players’ characters.

There is also a new progression system called Ascension, with Ascension levels gained through battle experience. It’s designed for hardcore players who will grind through the game for quite some time.

XP earned after hitting level 30 goes towards your Ascension Level, which will reward Ascension Points. Players can spend these points on different aspects of their characters’ abilities: Brutality, Endurance, Prowess or Anamoly.

Difficulty tiers have been overhauled in Worldslayer, with World and Challenge Tiers from the original game scrapped for new Apocalypse Tiers.

Apocalypse Tiers go up to level 40 and will impact the max level of carriable gear, the level and rarity of loot you receive, and the amount of XP players earn.

Finally, the new endgame, the Trial of Tarya Gratar, will be completely different from Expeditions in the base game, though Square Enix is yet to share more details.

Outriders Worldslayer has been a joint development effort between People Can Fly and Square Enix External Studios. The expansion will release on 30th June as a digital upgrade for existing players or bundle in with the original game for new players.

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