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Stardew-Valley-inspired magic school sim Witchbrook gets a gorgeous new look

Developer Chucklefish has shared a fresh batch of screenshots for its Stardew-Valley-inspired wizarding-school-meets-village-life sim Witchbrook, and it’s all change on the visual front since its last public outing – with its revamped art style looking very lovely indeed.

Witchbrook first reared its head back in 2017, its informal reveal consisting of a handful of screenshots and a very loose outline of its wizarding theme – it didn’t even have a title at that point. A few months later, Chucklefish shared more of its ideas for the experience – including schooling, magic, crafting, potion making, romance, and farming, even a splash of Zelda-inspired combat – and then, finally, in 2018 it got its name.

Through all of that, Witchbrook’s early screenshots sported an appealingly bold pixel-art aesthetic, whose top-down perspective, clean lines, and colour palette had a touch of Earthbound and classic Pokemon about them. Now though, a fresh crop of images have emerged on Witchbrook’s website, and the dramatic shift in art style has turned an already attractive game into an absolutely gorgeous one.

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