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Story expansion coming to Lost Judgment this month

A story expansion for Lost Judgment is on the way starring supporting character Masaharu Kaito.

Named The Kaito Files, the four-chapter expansion sees you playing as “the muscle of the Yagami Detective Agency” with his own unique combat style.

The expansion is due out on 28th March on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, priced $29.99.

Owners of the Ultimate Edition or Season Pass will get the expansion for free.

As he ties up loose ends of his past, Kaito will use his Primal Focus detective techniques as well as two beastly fighting styles: the aggressive Bruiser or defensive Tank.


His Primal Focus allows him to use his senses and gut instincts to solve a case without the need for gadgetry.

A spin-off of the Yakuza series, Lost Judgment released in October last year following previous game Judgment in 2019. “RGG Studio’s broadest, most packed open world is matched by mediocre additions and an ill-fitting story,” said Martin in our Lost Judgment review.

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