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Stylish turn-based horror RPG Othercide gets a July release date

Developer Lightbulb Crew’s stylish turn-based tactical horror RPG Othercide will be heading to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on 28th July, with a Switch release due “soon”.

Even without delving into the fundamentals, Othercide is an immediately arresting proposition, featuring a striking art style that combines a stark monochromatic colour palette (with the occasional searing splashes of red) and some wonderfully unsettling monster design.

Beneath that veneer, however, are some equally intriguing ideas that build out from an XCOM-like turn-based tactical core. Players control an army of warriors known as the Daughters – taking the form of either Blademasters, Soulslingers, or Shieldbearer, each with their own skills – and must race across a dying timeline to save humanity from foes originating outside of reality.

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