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Super Stardust Portable quietly joins PlayStation Plus Premium catalogue

PSP classic Super Stardust Portable has been quietly added to Sony’s PlayStation Plus Premium games list, though is currently a little difficult to find.

The handheld shoot ’em-up, originally launched in 2008, can be found by searching directly for the title in the PlayStation Store (thanks to reddit user Turb0_Thunder).

You won’t find it (yet) via the Classic Catalogue menu, although it’s unclear if this is because it’s not due to go live yet, or a deliberate secret. (Either way, PlayStation’s store interface isn’t the clearest to filter and search through.)

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Super Stardust Portable has also become available in the North American PlayStation Store.

It’s one of two PSP games on the service currently, alongside Echochrome (and both can also be played via their PS3 versions using the service’s streaming option).

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Eurogamer has a full list of games available via PlayStation Plus Premium here in Europe, though today’s launch largely covers the same list of games we previously saw as part of the service’s US arrival.

Many of the service’s Classic Catalogue PlayStation 1 games are available only in their PAL 50Hz versions – though Sony said this morning it will provide “NTSC options for a majority” of these games in the future at some point.

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