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Surreal, stylish Rusty Lake precursor Samsara Room gets free remake, is out now on Steam

Fans of the gorgeously surreal point-and-click-meets-room-escape Rusty Lake adventures have another unsettling slice of narrative fancy to sink their teeth into, courtesy of a refreshed and revised version of series precursor Samsara Room, which is out now – and free – on Steam.

If you’ve yet to experience the Rusty Lake games, I can heartily recommend you remedy that immediately. They’re wonderfully entertaining endeavours, many of which are playable free, with each deliciously sinister entry offering a largely self-contained experience but forming another piece in the series’ vast, centuries-spanning narrative puzzle.

The games have grown increasingly ambitious as time as gone on, but they’re ultimately casual puzzlers at their core, with just enough challenge to illicit a satisfied nod; the real joy, though, comes from their deliciously off-kilter atmosphere and the mental delights of connecting the narrative dots across 15 distinct instalments, where recurring characters, locations, and motifs drift in and out like a fever dream.

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