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Switch mech shooter Daemon X Machina is heading to PC next week

PC players hankering for a spot of big stompy robot action are in luck; developer Marvelous has announced that previously Switch-exclusive mech shooter Daemon X Machina will be heading to Steam next week, on 13th February.

Daemon X Machina casts players as mercenaries employed by the Orbital organisation, then sets them loose in huge Arsenal mechs, sliding and zooming across a vibrantly hued post-apocalyptic landscape (albeit restricted to a limited area each mission), blasting the bolts off vast machines driven by corrupted AIs known as the Immortals.

Mechs are fully customisable with new weapons and upgrades, and it’s even possible to start tinkering with your player avatar – messing around with simple cosmetic enhancements or, if you prefer, subjecting them to massively invasive surgical procedures to receive body modifications that imbue certain perks but can have a major impact on their appearance.

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