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Tactical bullet hell RPG Grid Force out next week

Tactical bullet hell RPG Grid Force – Mask of the Goddess is set for release on 15th September.

The game comes from UK developer Dreamnauts Studio and features a diverse, all-female cast of characters.

It will release first on Steam, followed by Xbox and Switch versions soon after.

The game features real-time grid-based battles as you avoid bullets and defeat waves of enemies using various abilities.

There are 28 heroes to recruit and play as in a squad of four, divided up into various classes with unique special attacks: Champions, Spellbinders, Defenders and Valiants.

The story, meanwhile, is told through manga-style comics with a 70s palette, accompanied by a 90s-influenced soundtrack.

You can check out some Xbox gameplay in the trailer above, or check out the game for yourself in the free Xbox demo.

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