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Tell Me Why review – memory and identity converge in another taut young adult adventure

I don’t know how they do it. Dontnod have real form making these intense, socio-political narrative games, where you simply walk around interacting with other characters and objects. Tell Me Why is another success.

This time, the story is about a set of young adult twins dealing with the fallout of a traumatic childhood incident. One of the siblings is close to completing their transition to male, and Dontnod is wonderfully deft and sensitive, simultaneously making this detail both central and peripheral to proceedings as you dive deeper into the narrative.

Tyler Ronan has returned to a sleepy Alaskan village, reuniting with his sister Alyson, after a decade in juvenile detention. Together again, the twins are determined to understand exactly what happened during their difficult and precarious childhood. This is complicated by the fact they both have different ideas about how to seek out the truth, especially as Alyson never stopped living close to the people who might have answers.

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