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Thanks, Edge – you made me Feel Better

If you’ve ever been a fan of Edge magazine, you’ll probably know that Thursdays are special. One Thursday a month is Edge Thursday, which means a trip to the shops to pick up the latest issue. Coronavirus has seen to that lovely ritual for the time being, alas. But Edge has had its own response, and it’s genuinely magical – a reminder of the power of games, but also a reminder of the power of magazines. Magazines! This perfect bit of technology that can package up a bunch of things and bring them together with some kind of order and structure and glittering coherence. If this makes you think about Lucky Peach, save it – I’m not ready to face those emotions yet.

Edge’s first issue since Lockdown is called Feel Better. It’s actually pretty hard to get hold of now – I had to buy it online but I gather it’s since sold out. I wanted to talk about it a little bit, though, because it genuinely did make me feel better. Mission accomplished.

(I should probably get this caveat out of the way now. Although Edge is not affiliated with Eurogamer, a lot of us have written for the mag in the past, and many of our freelancers still do. When it comes to Edge I am deeply partisan. Also I appreciate that media writing about media can be at best a bit cozy – apologies!)

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