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That’s it for Minecraft updates on Xbox 360, PS3, Vita and Wii U

That’s it for Minecraft updates on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Vita and Wii U. The final update – the Nightmare Before Christmas Mash-Up pack – has been released.

It’s the end of an era, particularly for the Xbox 360 version, which was the first console version of Minecraft to appear, way back in May 2012 (PlayStation 3 got Minecraft in December 2013, PS Vita in October 2014, and Wii U in December 2015).

There have been more than 21 million Xbox 360 Minecraft players since then, developer 4J Studios said on Twitter, and 73 Title Updates. And now, of course, Xbox-maker Microsoft owns Minecraft, having splashed $2.5 billion on the deal in autumn 2014.

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