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The Almost Gone is a gorgeous little pastel nightmare

We’re taking Rezzed online over the next few days, presenting sessions and bringing you highlights of what’s new and interesting in the world of independent games. You can find more details on exactly what’s going on over here, and we’ll be bringing you more write-ups over the coming days.

More and more it feels like games are oscillating between two different extremes, with twee comforts on one end and challenging, gritty-or-else pretense at the other. Or maybe I’ve just been playing too much Animal Crossing and Doom.

Still, at the very least it feels refreshing to play a game like The Almost Gone, a cutesy, pastel-pink diorama with a venom-green sting in the tail. Your mind will jump straight to Gone Home, when you first play it, which would be understandable but not entirely a justice. The Almost Gone is more subtle than that, more refined and more restrained.

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