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The best 8 games to pre-register for on iPhone, iPad and Android

Updated: Original list by Jon Mundy, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on November 28th, 2020.

Mobile gaming appears to be in good health right now, with both iOS and Android playing host to an increasingly rich and varied ecosystem of experiences. With more and more being added each and every month.

While we’ll continue to bring you news about what’s hot right now, we’ve always got one eye on the future. Which is where this feature comes in, as it will serve as a look towards future games that have not yet come out, but have still made their mark and showed that they are well worth keeping an eye on!

Both the App Store and the Google Play Store have the facility to pre-order or pre-register games. This means that you can register your interest ahead of time, which can often result in bonus items within the game. Registering your intrest is not only a massive help to the developers, to show that people are interested in your game, but also are a good reminder when the game comes out, to download and play it. We’re here to let you know some of the highlights of the games that are currently open for pre-registration or pre-order, so that you can take a look ahead of time and hopefully score yourself some good bonuses along the way!

If you’re wondering what to spend your time and/or money on over the coming months, then you could do a lot worse than reading on and finding our our current best eight games to pre-register for on iPhone, iPad and Android. 


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