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The best Zelda games: Eurogamer editors’ choice

You’ve already had your say on the very best Zelda games as we celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary – and you did a mighty fine job too, even if I’m fairly sure A Link to the Past belongs at the head of any list – so now it’s our turn. We asked the Eurogamer editorial team to vote for their favourite Zelda games (though Wes abstained because he still doesn’t know what a Nintendo is) and below you’ll find the full top ten, along with some of our own musings. Can we get the games in their rightful order? Probably not…

How brilliantly contradictory that one of the best original games on Nintendo’s 3DS would be a 2D adventure game, and that one of the most daring Zelda entries would be the one that so closely aped one of its predecessors.

It helps, of course, that the template was lifted from one of the greatest games in the series and, by extension, one of the finest games of all time. There’s an endearing breeziness to A Link to the Past, a fleet-footedness that sees the 16-bit adventure pass as pleasurably and memorably as a perfect late summer day. A Link Between Worlds takes all that and positively sprints with it, running free into the familiar expanse of Hyrule with a new-found freedom.

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