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The Fallout 4: New Vegas mod looks like it’s coming along nicely

Ah, Nipton. It’s a town no Fallout: New Vegas player can forget, namely because it’s full of burning corpses… and much, much worse. All of which gives you a good excuse to go on a murder spree against the Legion, in an episode that feels rather Heart of Darkness. Maybe that was just me.

Anyway, it looks like you’ll eventually be able to re-explore the wonders of Nipton through a remake mod in Fallout 4 on PC, as the mod team behind Fallout 4: New Vegas has released a new video showing the approach up to the town.

The mod project, which has been underway since August 2017, released a clip of some gameplay in September 2018 – but we hadn’t seen much since then in terms of video footage, aside from a small preview of the Anti-Materiel Rifle and a very authentic bug involving Doc Mitchell’s head. This time, the mod team has shared a preview of what the remake mod’s dialogue will look like, along with the new voice acting – which quite accurately depicts the sort of euphoria you probably would experience from winning the Legion’s lottery. Judging by the loading of that 10mm pistol, however, I wager Oliver Swanick did not live much longer after that.

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